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As a global professional rock-wool manufacturer, Jackson's rock-wool is made out of dolomite and other raw materials at high temperature, with excellent heat preservation, sound absorption, heat insulation, fire prevention, ventilation and other properties. Rock-wool of Jackson is internationally recognized as the main energy-saving material in the ``fifth conventional energy source``.


Jackson acoustic system provides customers with high quality materials, consistent and reliable services. Reverberation has a serious impact on speech intelligibility, affecting safety, health, learning and quality of life.

fuel economizer

Jackson's SE fuel economizer absorbs heat energy and transforms it into far-infrared light wave with an emissivity of more than 12 trillion. It can penetrate the oil pipe to produce low-frequency resonance of fuel molecules, improve the atomization effect and promote complete combustion. It can improve the fuel efficiency of gasoline vehicles by 20% and diesel vehicles by 10%.


Jackson fastener customer base involves industry, mechanical equipment manufacturing, equipment maintenance, etc. it is one of the European high-end fastener wholesalers, specializing in the sales and packaging of stainless steel and high-temperature fasteners.



Cooperate with the designer to provide curtain wall and roof design; provide selection and supply of system materials



Provide consulting service, energy consumption analysis and energy saving calculation for building insulation system



Provide standard construction guidance, correct operation methods and comprehensive knowledge training.


After-sale service

JACKSON's after-sales service includes satisfaction survey, quality assurance return visit, and dealing with problems arising from the use of customers.